Costa Del Sol Rentals

Avoid VRBO and Airbnb booking fees by booking directly with the owners. Please complete the RESERVATION REQUEST on this page to let us know your desired dates, bedrooms, guests, and unit preferences.  Let us know if your travel dates are flexible as you may qualify for additional discounts. We love to assist you with your travels to Cozumel.

B5 Villa Coralina 4BR | C5 Cozumel Sol 4BR
A3 Bonita Caribe 3BR |  B7 Villa Dakota 3BR
A4 Villa Coastal 3BR | D4 Villa Bonita 3BR

If the desired unit is not available for your dates, or require additional space for a LARGER group, no need to send multiple requests We will automatically check availability directly with other neighbors at Costa Del Sol based on your preferences, send you available options at the best rates, and connect you directly with the owner to avoid VRBO and Airbnb booking fees.

No payment required until the rental agreement is reviewed and signed.  There are no penalties for canceling before payment. First come first served.

Video B5 Villa Coralina  4 bedroom 4 bath villa

Call us (704) 909-0425 to book one of these other fine Cozumel Vacation Villas at Costa Del Sol.

Homes range in size from 2500 to 4100 square feet. All homes are 3 and 4 bedrooms with private Bathrooms. Rental Rates range from $250 to $700 per day. Low Season is Summer and Fall and high season is Winter and Spring. You will find that many homes are situated equal distance from the pool and beach with plenty of palm trees and tropical shrubs.

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